A.B. INTERNATIONAL established in 2001 under the License issued by the Dhaka City Corporation. It is a Member of the Bangladesh Indenting Agents' Association (BIAA) and working as a first class category government supplier.

AB International has been engaged in Marketing & Supplying of Agriculture Equipments, Power Sector Equipments, Scientific Equipments, Network Equipments, Educational and Research Instruments and various Equipments with success and satisfaction to its valued customers both in government and private sectors.

Trade License No : 0501533   
TIN No : 04110s3078
Vat No : 9151038589
e-GP Registration : Completed
  Corporate Strategy:
  To provide highly integrated solutions, inherit and follow best business practices, on-time delivery of products & services, complete linkage between up, mid and downstream sectors through establishment of effective communication, improved profit realization and thus enabling competitive edge in pricing, ease price pressures on account of intense competition, improve customer services and thus larger market penetration, optimal utilization of resource capacity, achievement of high productivity, accurate pre-production planning, capacity scheduling, follow up activities, result to, quicker response, greater accuracy and rational decision making. Corporate Culture
  Value of Enterprise :
  Good Faith---It is the basis for a company and the principle for our behavior. Good faith, means sincerity, honesty, credit and reputation. Be sincere with clients, enterprise, colleagues and keep promise. Open---It is the precondition for a company to develop. Learn others' strengths and conduct communications inside and outside to increase vitality continually. Innovation---It is the driving force for company development. Be good at studying, keep pace with the times, and innovate in concept, technology and management. Hard Work---It ensures our company to advance continually. Work hard with the sense of owner and teamwork to realize our goals. Respect the individual---It is the key to success. Personnel-based. Respect them with science and humanization stressed simultaneously to make a perfect combination of enterprise and individuals.
  Business Spirits:
  Devoted to Work---Our personnel are required to be devoted to work. Behave right before do right work, go all out in all aspects with full involvement in job and contribution to the society. Respect Science---Respecting science is based on respecting personnel. Science drives our company to advance and the personnel decide its development. Competition---No competition, no development. Be aggressive to survive in the fierce market competition and get ahead of others.