Human Resource : Practices & Climates:
  AB International, with its progressive business outlook, believes and practices corporate work culture with a classic blend of efficiency and equity. AB International believes in company growth by increasing efficiency level of employees and for that offering excellent environment and support for skill and knowledge upgradation. AB International values productivity as the spontaneous contribution of Human Resources. Strategic Human Resource Development Programs are the energy sources for AB International HR for running towards the zenith of success. Flow of clear and specific information and justification of queries play the vital role to ensure the market reputation of AB International as the most trusted and transparent company and it enriches the motivation level of HR who are the real contributors and owners of his / her own jobs. At AB International, HRD symbolizes the unique blending of professionalism as well as sharing the stress and success equally like a family where every member has deep concern, feelings and pride for their own company AB International. HR ensures the strong supporting role to develop & implement HR policy guidelines for ensuring uninterrupted operation and spontaneous participation to achieve organizational objective as well as fulfillment of employee needs. HR is maintaining an effective way to deal with labor union and still no unrest has been recorded as dispute. Personnel working here are taking care of AB International as if it is their own family. Employee-employer relation is cordial and supporting always.
  Training & Employee Development in AB International:
  Our Training & Development enables our people to enhance their skills, keep them updated with recent changes. We offer both on-the-job and off-the- job at both theoretical and practical training opportunities through a range of Local, Regional and International Training programs that include both functional and managerial levels on the basis of Training Need Assessment. Training Need Analysis (TNA) is conducted by Department Heads and Human Resource Department jointly on the basis of job analysis. Management Development Training Overseas Training Field Forces Training & Development Territory Manager Training
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